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plant poetics is a practice of art and storytelling.

in essence it’s an artwork and a story
that becomes part of the physical body.

more literally, it’s a shop of handmade herbal medicines and old books i love.
it’s also the home of flying flowers, an archival nature show.

inspired by still waters, full moons, ogham, western red cedars,
dreamy czech films from the 70s, depth ecology, bioregionalism,
anne carson, myth and folklore, ethnographic archives, werner herzog, 
ecocentrism, folk rituals, golden retrievers, and the void. 

ordering information

when you select a price for your tincture, “true cost” represents the actual cost of the item. the accessible tier offers access to those who are struggling to meet their financial needs. please refer to this graphic to help determine where you fall on the sliding scale. the supporter tier offers an opportunity for those with greater financial capacity to support others in accessing this medicine. please choose the tier that you can most comfortably meet. if you choose a lower tier than you actually need, you are taking away an opportunity from someone else and reducing the positive benefit and donation of proceeds. you are welcome to offer more than the tiered amounts by leaving an additional tip.

the free Black/Indigenous payment tier is only for Black and Indigenous people. please do not select it if you do not identify as such.

this tiered structure was found through blanca villalobos website and is cited from renee sills’ embodied astrology.


one major goal of plant poetics is to pay regular reparations to Black people, and make monthly financial contributions toward Indigenous communities and the Earth.

10% of all profits are split between Adopt a Native Elder and Black Permaculture Network.

20% of profits from the plant poetics monthly subscription are donated to Solitary Gardens.

i donate tinctures to Herbalism without Borders.

i am also saving for a cargo bike so that i can start a mobile free apothecary in 2021!

i’m grateful to my herbalism and mysticism teachers for the knowledge they’ve given me — arctos school of herbal and botanical studies, wild ginger herbal center, liz migliorelli (sister spinster), eliza swann (golden dawn school), melissa madara (catland nyc), and olivia chumacero (school for the ecocene).


for wholesale orders or questions, email me@lindsay-costello.com.

these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. they are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. keep out of the reach of children and consult a healthcare provider before taking. herbal recommendations do not and are never meant to replace professional medical assistance. plant poetics does not accept any responsibility for any loss, illness or injury which may arise from reliance on information contained on this site or use of these medicines.

all items are final sale.

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