f l y i n g  f l o w e r s

an archival nature show
compiling old documentaries, found 8mm vacation footage,
guided hikes and meditations, music for plants, and other things

~ spring 2021 ~

for this episode I was thinking about sky, air, birds and high altitude animals, smoke, and folk spiritualism.

in order, this episode features clips from:
clotheslines (1981), roberta cantow
homeplace (1975), michael ford
baobab: portrait of a tree (1973), alan root
treasure of the andes (1993), whole episode from pbs' "nature" show
grandma moses (1950), jerome hill

intro music: song waves, peacescape (special thanks to tone poem for this cassette)
outro music: stevie wonder, "secret life of plants"

all other footage was taken around the neighborhood by lindsay costello and jeremy seith.
editing help by jeremy, too.