persistence of vision 

persistence of vision is an herb honey inspired by the 12th century mystic visionary hildegard of bingen. the honey was collected from local hives on sauvie island and at the clackamas river. it is raw and unprocessed. i steeped fennel, yarrow, rosehip, and parsley (all organic) in the honey for one month and strained into 3 ounce glass jars.

saint hildegard felt very strongly about the power of these four ingredients and used them in many remedies. fennel is one of the most effective digestive aids, helping to reduce cramping, gas, and bloating. parsley and yarrow also support digestion in these ways; yarrow is also anti-inflammatory and can help regulate blood flow. rose hips have very high vitamin c content and can help to boost the immune system.

you could mix a spoonful of this into tea, use it in place of sugar in a recipe, or take a teaspoon before and after meals to help with digestion.

store in a cool, dark place. you might see trace amounts of herbs in your jar that escaped straining.